New Year, New Website!

24 Jan 2019

We’ve all been there, coming back to work in the New Year and gaining momentum getting back into the swing of things can always be hard. Whilst a New Year can be the catalyst for change within your personal life, it can also give you the impetus to give your website design and digital presence an overhaul.

So why is January 2019 a good place to start when thinking about your new website design and digital marketing?

Busy Festive Period

Depending on your industry you will most probably have had a manic December and maybe even a manic November planning out December, meaning you have very little time to plan a new website project. Usually, website projects move further down the list of things to be started when times are really busy and unless your website is in dire need of a refresh, it will be the last thing you thought about last month. But now that the festive break is over, you can sit down, plan your project and work with a new supplier to deliver the best results for this year.

Mobile Friendly

Google is still rolling out the mobile-first algorithm but very soon your website will need to be mobile friendly. Over 50% of Google searches come from mobile devices, so you NEED to be mobile friendly in order to get the most from your SEO efforts. Mobile isn’t going anywhere, it isn’t just the future of the web, it is the present – we now use mobile devices more and more in everyday life, so your website needs to meet the requirements both for Google and your customers. 2019 is the perfect time to get your website mobile friendly before the mobile-first algorithm catches up with you this year!

Fresh Start

Similar to a New Year’s resolution, implementing a new website design in the early months of 2019 can help you usher in change to your brand, digital marketing and website. Getting a new website can help you in other parts of the business also. It could give you the motivation to update your logo, branding or even the way you do business – you could move your product to an e-commerce platform, opening up a new market, the possibilities are endless.

Set Goals

In most cases, you will have a raft of data and information about how well your website performed in 2018. On the flipside, you will also be able to use this data to work out what didn’t work well in 2018, even better, if you have the data for 2017 you will be able to work out year on year what works and what doesn’t. You can use this data to help map out your new website making sure you have learned from previous mistakes and have rectified them in the new website design. Taking a look at your data will help you set achievable goals for your new website and what better time of year to set new goals than the start of the year?

New Features

What better time to look at improving your online presence than the start of the year? Do you want to give your website a stunning video header like the recent website we completed for Burlington Aggregates? Or is 2019 the year you move your business online with an integrated e-commerce platform? We always find that the start of a year is the perfect platform to outline the features you want your website to perform and implement them.

If you have a new website project that needs starting in 2019 and want to sit down with the team at Hush Digital to discuss your upcoming website design, contact us today.

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