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21 Feb 2019

The online shopping market is split into two categories much as you would find on the high street – huge global eCommerce retail giants, and smaller independent retail providers.

Only, what makes these retail giants (like Amazon and ASOS) stand tall over other retail providers isn’t just a big name, but how these brands market themselves to keep shoppers engaged and continue to grow their digital footprint.

So what do these companies do to grow their companies and keep their buyers coming back for more, and how can you do the same?

“Must-Have” Special Offers

One strategy that every company must take advantage of – planned discounts and promotions, which isn’t only something that is heavily promoted online but has been a staple on our high streets for centuries. Why? Who doesn’t like saving a bit of money where they can?

Online offers can be promoted on the homepage of your eCommerce website in email campaigns and social media, making them almost impossible to miss. Promotions like “limited-time only” offers users a sense of urgency to get shoppers rushing to your site and get whatever deal they can before the timer runs out.“Seasonal” winter and summer promotions promising “next-day delivery” can help fill in the gaps throughout the rest of the year and are a highly effective way of driving sales online. You will also find that larger companies that have mobile apps use push-notifications to help their customers come back for more and be the first to have a pick at the latest deal.

Fresh Stock Incoming!

Small prices and regularly refreshed stock helps give your customers a good reason to keep coming back for more. This way not only can you sell more stock and offer the newest products to your customers, but this strategy gives you a good insight into what your customers like so you know what to buy more of and what not to.

Keep your customers in the loop with all the latest stock by featuring a dedicated “New In” section in the main nav-bar of your website.

Tailored Product Suggestions

When you go shopping online, you’d often find that most eCommerce websites have a feature, which displays on product pages or the checkout, which recommends a hand full of other products to the customer to view and in an attempt to keep them on the website as long as possible and more off their website. This is often done in a variety of ways and can vary depending on the type of products you are providing. Some of these alternatives include;

  1. You May Also Like – featuring recommendations of products that you might also peak the buyers depending on the product they are currently viewing
  2. Wear It With  – often used in online clothing and fashion retailer websites, this alternative picks out other products that will go with the item that customers have added to their basket or are viewing at the checkout
  3. Something Similar – displaying product alternatives to the customer to help them find more of what they might want and retain their visit to the website

The products featured can be either updated manually to help push more of a specific product or can utilise a clever technique that can display any products purchased with another.

The Social Media Highstreet

As social media continues to grow and more and more people start joining Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and all the rest), businesses start seeing the potential of the user large social platforms and the changes that are being made to help shopping easier and take action.

Facebook was the first to take full advantage of this feature, and it wasn’t long before it’s partner company, Instagram, started doing the same thing. Social media shopping has proved a practical and useful way to showcase companies products. But rather than displaying the product alone on a dull white background or model, the feature allows companies to showcase their products in an everyday situation which then purchase the product from the comfort of their social media accounts.

Rag & Doll takes advantage of this feature and makes buying from their Instagram (and Facebook page) as easy as possible with product tags that link directly to the product at their website.

Remarketing with PPC

Google AdWords remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site and tries to entice them to come back and buy that top that they may be left in their basket, or advertise promotions and deals. Past visitors will see these ads while they are exploring the web, watching YouTube videos or browsing social media, which is a brilliant way of staying in the minds of your audience, teasing them to come back.

Help your eCommerce website stand out and escape the shadow of the online retail giants, by following these tips. If you don’t know where to start and either; need a new eCommerce website or app designing and developing, require help with boosting your social media presence or kickstarting a PPC remarketing campaign, the team at Hush Digital are competent in providing the services and support you may require, to boost your eCommerce sales.

Get in touch with the team at Hush for assistance with anything mentioned in the points above.

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