Websites for the Third Sector

28 Feb 2019

When it comes to charities and other non-profit groups in the third sector, they are often guilty of one major thing; ignoring one of their most valuable tools, their websites.

However, other organisations try to take advantage of their website but often focus too much time and money on their websites visuals other than the overall user experience.

Whatever the organisation, their website needs to fuse seamless solutions with a bespoke website design to cater for complex requirements, including donations, campaigns, events, forums, intranets, shops, member portals, and overall brand awareness. So the imagery, copy, branding and everything else need to be perfect to create a worth-while user-experience and online presence.

Built to Get Your Message Across

With more and more website users generally becoming more and more impatient, it’s essential to make sure third sector websites deliver a clear and engaging message in an instant. It’s this or running the risk of losing out on potential supporters or donors.

Third sector websites are up there with the most potent tools in establishing and maintaining brand awareness. The best third sector websites think about the users first. Rather than overloading them with too much text or information, keep a reasonable amount of text while including enough calls to action to make sure users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for on the website. Whether this is organisation information, making a donation, or getting in touch.

Working With the Third Sector

One of our most recent launches for an organisation in the third sector was a mobile app for Darlington based Let’s Go Tees Valley. It was important that the app was able to keep a simple and straightforward operating process for advisors to; login, complete conversation surveys, and feature a supporting back-end admin panel, delivering a useful tablet app that successfully aids the LGTV travel advisors and keeps track of all critical data, information and specific areas.

Keeping a Third Sector Website Visible

Building and designing an effective and efficient website for a non-profit organisation is one of the significant keys to helping raise brand awareness and make it easier for supporters and donors to keep up to date or donate to your cause. However, once your website is being seen it’s important to make sure that your website continues to be recognised.

While digital marketing encompasses a wide range of services from social media management to email marketing and search engine optimisation, all these digital marketing strategies link back to the website and help the site appear higher on search engines. However, organisations that are exploring the option of digital marketing, whether to merely raise awareness of their organisation and it’s goals or generating funds or action directly, all organisations need to ensure that their websites are as useful as possible and SEO friendly.

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