Ping Pong, Productivity and Proven Results!

10 Apr 2017

How do you spend your lunch break? Do you nip down to your local food store to get a sandwich with your eyes glued to your iPhone? Do you devour a salad box at your desk with one hand on the keyboard? Or maybe you have a quick snack then get straight back to work because your “to-do list is touching the floor”?

These days, the idea of taking ten minutes to just take a break can be looked down on at work. You ‘should’ just eat your lunch, then get back on to what it is you need to do, right? Wrong! The UK, along with many other countries all over the world, has become obsessed with getting work done as soon as possible, with the idea of taking a break barely even crossing our minds.

However, what you do with your lunch break can impact heavily on the way your mind functions for the rest of the day.
So what do you do? Bake a cake? Yoga? Clean the office? Possibly (that last one should make the boss happy!), but here at Hush we recommend you take a page out of our book and enjoy your lunch like we do, with a ping pong table! Here’s why:

It’s away from your desk!

We’re sat in front of a computer all day putting together online reports, creating bespoke web design, or dealing with clients’ social media management, and you’re sat at your desk crunching numbers, making sales and forming strategies – both of which can only lead to sluggish brain function, poor leg circulation and eye strain. Ping pong not only helps stretch your legs and adds a little movement to your day, but it gets you away from the constant email notifications and ringing phones that can torment you for the rest of the day. As much as we love what we do – we also recommend taking at least 10 minutes out of your day to stop being such a digital zombie, to let your brain break free and re-energise with a quick game of ping pong.

It’s good for you.

Ping pong isn’t only a nice little bit of exercise, but it helps to get rid of the common symptoms that staring at a computer screen all day can give you. Things like constant migraines, decreased ability to concentrate and reduced productivity at work are a thing of the past when you have access have a ping pong table (or the likes!). Not only does it help stimulate your brain and increase focus, but it can also help you think more strategically and improve your hand-eye coordination. See, it’s not just about getting away from the desk.

It refreshes your mind.

Working on a project for an entire morning without a good break can be a good path to the road of insanity. We’ve all been there. Spending hours on the same project and sandwiching small jobs in the mix with it just dulls your mind and makes you feel lost in what you’ve just written and like you’re making no progress no matter how much effort you’re putting in – sometimes lost to the point where you’re asking colleagues to proofread your work, because you’ve been working on it for so long you’re not seeing it properly anymore! Taking your mind off a project to engage in some friendly competition means you can go back to your desk in a good mood with a fresh mind that’s raring to go!

Increases motivation.

A good game of ping pong brings out the competitiveness in us all. With that being either a good or a bad thing, that competitiveness is carried all the way from the ping pong table back to the work station, giving yourself and fellow workers the drive and motivation to get work done more quickly and efficiently.

Keeps morale alive.

Nothing keeps a company more alive than happy employees. The friendly and healthy competition that’s delivered by a quick game of ping pong with your co-workers goes a long way in making sure that the working environment is always a happy one.
Happy employees are more productive – it’s proven!

Here at Hush, we like to take a break at lunch from our busy schedules of web development, SEO and PPC management to help us achieve all 5 points listed above meaning we can offer you the best quality services in the most efficient way possible. But don’t worry, we don’t have enough ping pong paddles or table space for us to all have a game at once – there’s always at least one of us manning the phones if you need to get in touch!

If you want to learn more about Hush, what we do and how we do it, explore our site here, give us a call on 01325 361729, or pop in for a coffee (or a game of ping pong if you like)?

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