Social Media In Business

30 Mar 2017

Social Media. We all know what it is, and if you’re reading this, you all probably use it in some way or another. More than half of the world’s population today now uses the internet, with more than 3.75 billion people online… and of course, we all know that this number isn’t going to decrease any time soon. In fact, it’s been reported that this number is set to increase by an additional 8% year on year.

So how many of the online users are also active social media users? 2.78 billion! That small fad that the kids were using to talk to each other 15 years ago, is today one of the number 1 online marketing tools for businesses trying to increase engagement and increase traffic to their site. But why? Why have Facebook and Twitter become some of the most valuable tools to a business when it comes to marketing? What makes it so beneficial? If you find yourself wondering about this too, look no further. The HushBots have come up with 5 points as to why:

Customer Insights

All top social media websites come with built-in, third-party insight tools that provide your business with everything that you’ll want and need to know about your customers in order to achieve a successful social media presence. ‘Who?’, ‘What?’, ‘Where?, & ‘When?’ are all questions that these tools will provide answers to, to help you improve your content and improve customer engagement, and to tailor your ads accordingly.

Run Ads

After learning about your audience, where they are from, and what content they prefer, you can then start to run targeted ads that allow you to promote your business in the way that you prefer and be able to distribute content with powerful targeting options so that you can reach the right audience.
For example, if you want to run a Facebook ad, you’re able to specify exactly who you want to see your ad, right down to the very last detail. From where they are, to when you want the ad to be shown.

Increase brand awareness

With the sheer amount of people on social media that there are today, it needn’t be said that it is far easier for people to find you than it would by the once traditional method of passing some flyers around the street. With a strong social media presence, it makes it much easier for your target audience to find you and engage in your content. If you have a business that isn’t connected to some kind of social media channel, we’d recommend that you catch up with the rest of the world and begin advertising your website via social media to increase your brand awareness.

Increase Traffic

As well as social media increasing your brand awareness, and resulting in a larger customer following, it can also heavily impact the traffic that you get through to your site by directing your social media towards your onsite content. Not only does it direct traffic to your site, but this also increases the chances of onsite conversions – especially if your onsite content offers valuable information to your users, as they are likely to stay on site longer, which in turn reduces your bounce rate. Win, win!

Monitor Competitor Performance

If you’re not on social media but your competitors are, well then there’s an additional reason to get yourself signed up. Not only will this allow you to start performing at the same level (if not better!) than your competitors, but it will also to allow you to see what they are getting up to and monitor their post schedule so you know what and when it is best to post on social media. What? No.. it’s not spying… It’s research…

That’s our 5.

So there you have it, Hush’s top 5 reasons why a business needs social media to survive. From using it to see who your customers are, to check out what your competitors are doing, if you are ready to start your social media journey slowly – or even if you’d prefer to jump in head first – get in touch with Hush!

We have an amazing digital marketing team that can help you gear up your social media presence, from making and scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and many more) to monitoring your social media traffic to make sure that the right people are finding you, in the way you want them to.

Give our digital marketing team a shout on 01324 361 729 or drop us an email at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!