Learning To Walk Before You Run, Online

20 Oct 2020

Having a great idea for a product or service can be a lightbulb moment for most! The initial excitement and the anticipation of taking a basic concept to a fully-fledged business is something else!

At Hush, we’ve worked with loads of different businesses, some of which have been established for decades, while others are brand spanking new ideas. Whether it’s branding to website design to digital marketing, we’ve worked on it all and have the badges to prove it (we don’t have actual badges, but our portfolio page shows what we are capable of)!

Some people come to Hush with their eyes wide open ready to soak up every little bit of knowledge and advice we have, while some guys come and have zero idea on how to get their concept to market. When working with a new idea, notion, product or business, we’ve got some advice that everyone should keep in mind.


Things take time. We could leave it at that. But when you have launched a brand new website for a brand new business, don’t expect to fly to the top spot on Google in a week. Good quality rankings take time; there are no shortcuts when it comes to this – if there were, we’d be millionaires!


When you finally instruct your website to go live, you need to have realistic expectations. Your product could be the best thing since sliced bread (mmmm bread), but getting your product or service in front of your target marketing isn’t an instant click of a button thing. Over time, you’ll expect to see your traffic go up, but don’t expect those millions and millions of users on day one.

Product Logistics

We can design and launch you the best website money can buy, it’ll look fantastic, and it’ll do its job. But what happens when a user clicks buy now? Have you worked out what happens behind the scenes? Are you prepared to receive orders? Have you got access to enough stock? Are you primed to answer customer questions and handle returns? These are all good things to think about, and just the tip of the iceberg.


It goes without saying, without a joined-up marketing plan, you’re just another website online. It would help if you made a noise to help feed your website with new customers. Making as much noise as possible possibly isn’t the best thing to do at an early state. Think about your marketing output as musical instruments. If you play them as loud as you can without any rhythm, then you’re making too much noise which people won’t like. If you cherry-pick instruments that complement each other and tie everything together with a proper tune, then you’ll have a song that everyone wants to hear. It is the same with your marketing output. Pick the best options available to you to maximise your output in a way which will engage with your audience.

It can be very daunting starting out on your own. But if you have the right product or service and the drive needed to make it a success, we are sure that with a little help from the HushBots that it will.

If you want to discuss anything digital, web or marketing with the team at Hush, drop us an email today!